Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizing product, SantOtizer™, is a safe, effective hand sanitizer produced in accordance with the World Health Organization’s formula specifications for hand sanitizer. Central's Sanitizer is manufactured . using All Best labour and materials. During a health crisis when hand sanitizer is scarce, and it’s more important than ever to protect our first responders, public service facilities, and families. Sanitizer is available in great quantities while supplies last.
Groups that need hand sanitizer during this time include:
Fire Departments
Police Departments EMTs National Guard Hospitals
Day Cares
Senior Centers
Food Service Facilities
Family Households
We Are producing hand sanitizer at a rate of 2 million gallons per week and fulfilling demand on a first-come, first-served basis.
Click on the tab “WHO Specifications” to learn how we comply with World Health Organization formula specifications. Click on the “About us” tab to learn about our history and expertise. Then, fill out the form on the right and a representative will contact you.
Avail Special Quality hand wash packs Companies producing pharmaceutical products for the US market are supervised by US authorities, e.g. the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and have to meet the requirements of the USP (United States Pharmacopeia). The current USP prescribes in section 31 the use of volumetric instruments with accuracy in accordance to class A of the ASTM standards and list those for volumetric flasks, transfer pipettes and burettes in tables. For graduated pipettes up to and including 10 mL size the error limits are mentioned in the text. BRAND volumetric instruments are manufactured according to the current DIN EN ISO standards. As the construction specifications are differently defined in the DIN EN ISO and ASTM standards, the error limits differ as well. With included USP certificates BRAND confirms for the delivered USP volumetric instruments that the class A error limits according to the USP or, rather, ASTM standards are met.

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