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Surveying Equipments

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As technology advances, it’s critical to keep pace with what will become the industry standard. And not only that, it’s important to understand what direction the cutting edge technology will lead us. With that in mind, it’s Unique Groups’ commitment to regularly enhancing our surveying instruments to ensure that we stay ahead of the game and provide our clients with the very best solutions. Within the marine market, we have a proven track record of delivering professional operations in port & harbour developments, offshore renewable, civil construction and cable installations. Our range of surveying instruments includes: Surface positioning equipment Geophysical equipment Motion Sensors Hydrographic equipment Oceanographic instrumentation

Automatic Levels
South Auto Level
Pentax Auto Level
Automatic Level
Transit Vernier Theodolite
Dumpy Level Theodolite
Micro Optic Theodolites
Digital Theodolite
South Digital Theodolite
Total Station
Stand Tripod
Prism & Accessories
Ranging Rods
Test Sieves
Sieve Shaker
Laboratory Cbr Test Apparatus
Field Cbr Test Apparatus

Compaction Apparatus
Automatic Compactor Machine
Liquid Limit Cone Pentrometer
Liquid Limit Device
Plastic Limit Apparatus
Field Density Kit (Core Cutter)
Sand Pouring Cylinder
Consolidation Test Apparatus
Direct Shear Apparatus
Rapid Moisture Meter
Relative Density Apparatus
Load Frames
Moisture Tins
Compression Proving Rings
Point Load Index Tester
Compression Testing Machine
Mixing Apparatus
Planatery Mixer-Morta Mixer
Baby Mixer (Half Bug Capacity)
Pan Mixer
Cube & Cylindrical Moulds
Beam Mould
Vibrating Machine
Vibrating Table
Slump Test Apparatus
Compaction Factor Apparatus
Vicat Needle Apparatus
Soundness Test Apparatus (Le Chatelier Flask)
Blains Air Permeability Apparatus
Flow Table
Volume Change Apparatus
Air Entrainment Meter
Jolting Apparatus
Briquette Moulds
Cement Autoclave (Laboratory)
Gauging Trowel
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
Standard Spatula
Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine
Test Sieves for Coarse Aggregates
Aggregate Impact Tester
Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
Thickness Gauge
Length Gauge
Cylindrical Measures
Density Basket
Pug Mill (Ball Mill For Grinding Lime Mortar)
Tensile Tester Machine
Universal Testing Machine
Standard Penetrometer
Softening Point Apparatus (Ring & Ball Apparatus)
Ductility Testing Apparatus
Centrifuge Extractor
Standard Tar Viscometer
Marshall Stability Test Apparatus
Flash & Fire Point Apparatus
Flow Cup
Benkelman Beam
Constant Temperature Water Bath
Core Cutting /Core Drilling Machine (Motorized)
Concrete Test Hammer - Schmidt
Rebar Detection - Profoscope
Ultra Sonic Testing
Analytical Balance
Crane Scale
Table Top Scales
Platform Scale
Weigh Bridge
Micro Meter
Vernier Calipers
Surface Plate
Dial Indicator
Vernier Calipers & Height Gauges
Dial Gauges
Calibration Tools
General Purpose Precision & Workshop Tools
Thread Plug & Ring Gauges
Pushpull Meter
Rubber Harder
Precision Measuring Instruments
Adhesion Tester
Cross Hatch Cutter
Coating Thickness Meter
Paint Inspection Gauge
Calibration Foils
Powder Coating Meter
Holiday Detector
Surface Profile Gauge
Roughness Comparator
Profile Gauge
Testex Gauge
Testex Tape
Digital Thermometer
Magnetic Thermometer
Whirling Hygrometer
Dew Point Calculator
Wet Film Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic Thickness & Wall Thickness
Digital Welding Gauge
Automatic Weld Size Weld Gauge
Bridge Cam Gage
Hi-Lo Welding Gage
Welding Inspection Kit
Alloy Autoclaves to Perform Tests in High-Temperature, H2s Environments
Cathodic Disbonding Tester
Corrosion Coupons Discs & Strips
Four Point Bent Test Rigs or Jigs Or Fixtures As Per Astm / Nace
Hydrogen Induced Cracking Test
Salt Spray Apparatus
Stress Corrosion Cracking Sscc Proof Rings As Per Nace

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